Here is the first TV presenter in the world with a tattoo on her face, whereas there is actually a reason for this

The television in New Zealand employed an absolutely unique woman as a presenter with nice and, at the same time, unusual appearance. The woman whose name is Arina and who is a Maori representative, is famous for having a comparatively big tattoo on her face.

This nation simply adores the cult of tattoos and some have tattoos not only on their bodies, but also on their faces. The beautiful woman assured she got the famous tattoo five years ago when she couldn’t even imagine she would become a presenter one day.

Last year, the gorgeous woman managed to get a permanent job in one of the television channels.

The actual presenter because of being not able to hold the program was absent and Arina was to replace the actual presenter. The presence of a tattoo on her face caused a real shock among the people in the country, yet many of them admired the woman’s absolute beauty and uniqueness.

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