This awesome calf was born with a perfectly heart-shaped mark on its head and is named “Be My Valentine” by the farmers

This unique calf with a heart mark on its head was born exactly on Valentine’s day

The day of the Valentine is a holiday that is celebrated all over the world by millions of people who are well aware of the Valentine’s famous story and its underlying symbolic meaning. This day gives chances to spend great time with the loves of yours proving one more time you love this or that person from the bottom of your heart. The day is mostly characterized by a heart-shaped symbol that is associated with love and passion among people.

And concerning this wonderful day, recently, some admirable photos of this unique and adorable calf have been posted in the internet making everyone love the creature full of innocence and tenderness. The baby was surprisingly born with a heart-shaped sign on its cute tiny head.

That took place at Parkshaw Farm, Northern Ireland and the farmers, after discovering such a distinctive and admirable animal immediately named it “Be My Valentine”. The heart mark was first noticed by the farmer’s mother who, as others, got totally shocked spotting the peculiar and perfectly shaped mark.

Expectedly, the adorable calf has become an internet sensation and photos of the animal rapidly spread all over the platforms of social media.

However, not only the people browsing the internet adore the exclusive animal, but also the kids of the farmers. They just can’t help cuddling and snuggling with the sweetheart baby. You can also have a look at this cutie!

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