This missing dog deliberately comes to the police station to find his owner who has been searching for him

This amazing doggie reunited with his owner after reporting himself missing to the police officers

In spite of the fact dogs are very often spotted doing hilarious or strange actions uncommon for them, now people can’t get enough of this awesome creature’s incredible gesture. The Odessa Police Department officers were deeply amazed with the dog passing nearby. It was early morning and there happened something so astonishing and hilarious that the authorities couldn’t believe their own eyes and thought that was kind of a dream or something extraordinary. And while the officers couldn’t find any words to express their amazement, the wonderful doggie approached one of the working officers there and the sight was surely something out of this world.

That was the least expected visitor the officers could ever receive and, having no other choice, they started to play with the fascinating animal. The dog didn’t seem to be somehow depressed or anxious.

Yet, besides the fun they had together, the officers perceived there was definitely something to worry about as there is no one who comes to the police office for no reason. Thus they did their best to find out his identity and knew that it wouldn’t be an easy task to complete.

Yet the dedicated officers managed to figure it out and the next day the puppy was already reunited with his owner who couldn’t hide his unlimited happiness seeing the life-long companion who was missing for a comparatively long time.

The concerned officers were absolutely glad and proud knowing that the doggie reunited with his owner and is now complete safe.

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