This splendid and extremely rare cardinal with an unusual pigmentation was spotted by a retired birdwatcher in Tennessee

This magnificent one-in-a-million cardinal’s beauty is something out of this world

An enthusiastic 68-year-old retired resident in Gallatin, Tennessee was absolutely astonished witnessing a very charming and strange bird visiting his yard. He has always been sincerely fond of birdwatching, that was kind of a hobby for him and after so many years he comes across an extraordinary and unbelievable sight! Like every winter, he put some sunflower seeds on his garden in snow, yet he couldn’t even imagine to catch such a rare and beautiful creature.

He was sure that was probably the most beautiful and magnificent bird one can ever expect to see in their lives. Other Cardinals are generally with bright red coloring and this one was definitely an exception with dark eyes and lack of pigmentation on its feathers. This condition is called leucism.

The marvelous bird was apparently attracted by sunflower seeds which the birdwatcher threw on his garden. That’s exactly when the bird appeared. The fascinated man successfully managed to take some photos whereas the bird stayed there for less than a few minutes. And since then, the bird didn’t appear any more. You also can witness the gorgeous creature below!

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