This pup got extremely downhearted when the owner decided to sell their cow, his life-long companion

This heartbroken puppy runs after a vehicle in which the cow, his best friend was being taken away

There have been multiple cases when the animals showed tenderness and affection towards others revealing their genuine emotions and feelings coming from the bottom of their hearts. And we surely can learn many important things such as gratitude, loyalty and support from these amazing four-legged creatures.

This encouraging real story is about this dog and a cow sharing a special connection between each other. The friendly and inseparable bond between them was first noticed by their owner who never thought they would form such a tight and inseparable relationship. Only when they were about to sell their cow, did they learn about that.

The best friends enjoyed spending literally all the time together, playing, interacting and cuddling with each other. The doggie was quite energetic, naughty and restive, whereas the big cow was protective and serious as if being his genuine caring mother. And when it was time to sell the cow and she was already put into vehicle, the faithful dog desperately ran after the car not taking his owner’s callings and commends into consideration.

The concerned owner couldn’t stay indifferent seeing the doggie’s reaction to selling his life-long companion, the cow, so they decided to let the cow return home as it seemed the only possible solution to make their dog happy again. The dog’s happiness didn’t recognize any limits and he was happier than ever before.

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