The furious daddy’s attitude towards his newborn puppies is very attractive

When the Husky daddy first saw his babies, he gave unexpected love to them.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a lot of puppies in the same house, who play, run and enjoy their time together. Some time ago a Husky mummy gave birth to 9 cute puppies. The most attractive thing is to see how their daddy spend his time with these cuties.

When he first saw his babies they were six weeks old at that time.
He doesn’t believe that these cuties are his babies. The proud daddy likes to enjoy his time with the babies, who run and play all day. In order to have more fun than before daddy involves in the games they play. In this way he wants to be closer to his babies. He shows his big love and care towards the pups.

Dash, which is the name of the daddy, does everything to make his babies the happiest, and expects the same behaviour from his pups. He wants the babies like him strongly and become his individed part.

Their mommy comes from time to time, looks at them for being sure that everything is ok and they are harmless.

After some time, when the cuties get tired they come to their mommy in order to have some milk and then continue their occupation.

How amazing they are!

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