The man prepared the bathhouse for a great vacation. A stray cat ran intothe heat and categorically refused to leave

An interesting guest. Imagine a cat in the bathhouse 

Baris was driving along a rough country road and humming something merrily under his breath. A first-class birch broom swayed in the back seat. Nearby, the plastic bag rustled enticingly, in which fish and beer were waiting in the wings. And ahead was an amazing weekend evening.

Today Boris was resting alone without a family. The wife didn’t show the slightest desire to drive for an hour, as she put it to hell with the Easter cakes. The teenage sons had their own plans, besides they didn’t like to spent all night without the Internet in the dacha.

Boris didn’t mind, let them mind their own business, And for once he will rest in peace.

The bath was already heated. “Warmed up” and Boris. And then the door creaked. The man didn’t expect guests and he wasn’t in the form to receive them-Adam’s shit doesn’t encourage small talk.

He wasn’t only scared-still a big man. But the peace was broken. A heavy log turned out to be at hand as it is impossible by the way.

It didn’t come to self harm. The door really turned out to be ajar, but Boris didn’t find anyone else. He was already ready to write everything off to the wind and go back, but he noticed that two yellow cat eyes were looking at him from under the bench.

After fifteen minutes the cat nevertheless came to Boris. And the man at that time properly examined his guest and concluded that the cat most likely was a draw. Moreover in the winter in that village there is really no one but such lovers of bathhouse.

Boris went to the steam room-the cat stomped after him.

In the steam room, the cat fell apart and it seems enjoyed it no less than Boris himself. And when they left, the man dipped his hands in cold water and stroked the cat. He instinctively recoiled at first, but then he realised how pleasant it was and even purred.

The cat spent the night there, in the bathhouse. And the next morning, when Boris came to visit the guest and treat him with breakfast, it turned out that the cat left in English, without saying goodbye.

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