Even until now, people hesitate if it is actually a bird or a weird character from a science fiction film

Believe it or not, it is actually an enormous eagle!

This footage shows a massive harpy eagle that went viral in the internet with many viewers hesitating if it is a bird or a human wearing a costume. Yet this is actually a huge bird, in fact, the largest one on our planet.

The bird is definitely the biggest and most powerful one ever discovered on Earth and is famous under the name the American big harpy eagle. This enormous bird weighs 10-20 pounds and wingspan could reach over 7 feet. The harpy eagle immediately gained popularity in the internet with lots of reactions and viewers after photos of him appeared on social media. The bird gained nearly 100 000 views in one day.

Whereas, this species is at great risk and is among the most endangered birds in the world. The bird is extremely ravenous and fierce, yet because of the human activities and deforestation, it now faces serious threats.

There are left less than 50 thousand individuals in the wildlife which is so sad and tragic.

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