This exclusive and unique creature is the only albino orangutan ever found on our planet

Here is Alba, one of the most magnificent and gorgeous creature you have hardly seen since she is the only albino orangutan discovered in nature. The very distinctive and intelligent individuals among primitives is what makes them our closest relations, yet this orangutan is even more unique than one can ever imagine.

That was a truly appropriate name for her which means “white” in Latin. The amazing animal was mercifully rescued several years ago due to efforts of one support organization in Indonesia and, since then, she gained a lot of attention and became extremely popular all over the world.

Because of the serious condition she is now in, that is albinism, the animal is in great danger and is likely to have some serious complications, such as very poor eyesight and problems connected with hearing. By the way, the female has best friends, other orangutans, who are always there to support and comfort her. They are definitely fond of each other, sharing a lot of tenderness towards, and enjoying their precious time spending together.

The territory they are in is being monitored and secured all day long and there exists a canal and feeding platforms with the help of which the animals are fed twice a day. Due to this kind-hearted people’s efforts and generosity, the unique animal is going to live a completely healthy and joyful life free from any threats. You can watch this exclusive and glorious animal in the video below!

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