This bighearted man rushes to rescue the drowning stray dog from the freezing icy pond without even hesitating for a second

In this touching moment a Good Samaritan risks his whole life in order to rescue a pitiable stray dog who faced serious danger after finding himself in a big icy pond. Fortunately, the legendary man, without even hesitating, rushed to save him from drowning in the freezing water. The animal was probably chasing some duck along the frozen pond and, after the ice suddenly broke, he desperately appeared in the middle of the water. The defenseless animal was in terror and bothered trying to get out and reach the dry land.

The incredible moment was caught by one of the residents in a neighborhood. Despite the fact that many people clearly witnessed the doggie desperately struggling and trying not to drown, no one undertook anything in order to help him. For this heroic man, the rescue process proved to be much harder than he expected as the stray animal was somehow stuck. As soon as the man managed to get closer, the confused dog bit him not even suspecting that it was the very hero that was about to save his life. The brave-hearted man finally grabbed him taking out of the freezing water.

Due to this man’s big heart and kindness, the poor doggie was eventually rescued and, after getting out the water, he instantly ran away which proved that the animal was in a normal physical condition. The process of incredible rescue is below!

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