An enormous whale rift next to the small boat  

Nature always shows us all its majesty to remind us about its astonishment. 

And such moment was captured in the Californian waters at Monteray Bay, a distinguished place for watching whales.

It was an enormous whale captured on camera jumping out of the water next to the small fishing boat. 

The photographer, who took this photo Douglas Craft said: “The whale is enormous! If I were the fisherman, I would possibly need some new clothes.”

Watch the video of the amazing jumping:

The small boat compared with the whale captured look even more gigantic. 

Kate Cummings, a whale watcher was also with Douglas and took this amazing video of the whale jumping. And she said about this:

“The whale had already jumped out of the water several times further away from the boat. And as I know when whales jump several times they are planning to jump heading a particular direction. But I didn’t think they would line up so perfectly.”

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