The boy was very brave, because he went into the creek and helped the poor doggy without getting frightened, which, on the contrary,  was very terrible for the other boys

A 12 years old boy, whose name is Alexander, did an unexpected and heroic act. He freed the dog taking her from the culvert,  where the poor baby was going to drown.

She was born under the haven in the strong flood. One day during the strong torrent when Sasha was passing by the culvert he saw the poor doggy falling in the water of the culvert.

Because of the cramped culvert the poor adult hurt his hand. Some people who was passing by that place saw what happened and immediately promoted by calling the ambulance. Everyone appreciated his action.

His brave action began to spread in the whole world making him outstanding especially in his birthplace.
The people who lived next to him esteemed his heroic action and were grateful to him.

The Youth Center gave the hero Courage Award. We are very confident about our future because we are sure that there are a lot of helpful people like this courageous boy who will care about the defenseless animals who absolutely need help. First of all we thanked to his parents, who gave birth to him making him brave, kind and helpful.

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