In frosty weather, some people who worked in the bus station gave a great support to homeless doggies giving them places for sleeping at night

Unfortunately, there are many homeless doggies around bus stations. Many people passed by them without even noticing them.
One day there was a very bad weather with strong wind and heavy rain. The poor doggies protected themselves sitting under the canopy, but it was useless because the weather was awful. When the workers saw these poor animals, they wanted to help and protect them . These kind people brought them to their room giving some places for sleeping. After that they gave the poor creatures some food.

They made the beds from tires of cars, and made the blankets with old wraps and sheets. The workers made meals for them and gave them something to drink which helped them recover very quickly.

Since that day the cuties had a warm appartment where they could spend their cold and frosty nights.

One of the representatives of the social network shared these photos and made the bus station popular all over the world and now it is considered a warm and famous place.

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