“Cat-Bear Strong Friendship” – A Cat Who Likes Wandering Into Animal Sanctuary Made Best Friends With A Bear

This is an interesting story of a stray catty who surprised everyone when he made best friends with a black furry bear.

Once the stray cutie ended up at the Folsom City zoo and animal sanctuary. The cutie pie chose the bear enclosure as quite a comfortable place for him.

What was the most surprising thing is that the catty wasn’t afraid of anything and was even eating the food that was being put out for the bears with great appetite.

He began visiting here regularly and we started preparing food for her every morning as well,”- told the senior keeper named Jill Faust.

After a while the furry cutie was given the name “Little Bear” because he had the same fur color as the bears did and he was spending most of his time with them.

The friendship was so unusual that the visitors even showed their concern over it.

“I thought the little catty was going to be eaten by the bear,”- said one of the surprised visitors.

But the cute friends have been hanging out together for some months and they haven’t had any problems yet which showed that they really enjoy spending time with each other.

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