A Man Found a Puppy Who Was Left on the Side of the Road

Can you imagine a case when you come home and find a fearful doggy who is probably waiting for you. There is a man who lives in New York and he experienced something like that.

There was a cute little doggy who had been abandoned on the side of the road. It was such a cold night and it seemed that she came to the door in search of food, sympathy and comfort.

The cutie pie was taken to the Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA after contacting the animal control center where the doctors discovered that she had untreated demodectic mange, secondary skin infections and also lacerations on her cute muzzle and neck.

Penny has been receiving serious medical treatment and rehabilitation for two months and the cutie has made noticeable health progress. She will soon be reunited with her new adopted family.

“The Greene County Sheriff’s Office employees hope that the cutie will have a happy and cheerful canine life there. Despite the fact that Penny the sweetie had some wonderful nursemaids they wanted the doggy to have a temporary place to live in.”

The couple who adopted little Penny are sure that they can provide her with the proper attention and affection she needs.

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