A wildlife enthusiast caught the moment in which millions of butterflies make a marvelous sound

Not only can mother nature surprise us with its absolute beauty and charm of the jungles, landscapes and woods and, of course, the creatures dwelling there, but also with its astonishing uniqueness. This time, the rarest and the oddest sound was recorded by one of devoted wildlife enthusiasts. The man managed to record thousands of butterflies shaking their beautiful wings and the sound they make is something out of this world!


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Публикация от Phil Torres (@phil_torres)

Butterflies are regarded one of the most charming and delightful creatures on Earth and, especially, the monarch butterflies are probably the most gorgeous ones. Once the winter comes, those marvelous creatures perform one of the most massive migrations in the world. They find their new shelter mostly heading to California and Mexico to keep themselves warm until the long-waited spring is about to come again. Then, they head home. And lately, one of those wildlife enthusiasts was wondering how many butterflies there should be in order to make that wonderful sound in the woods. And he, eventually, satisfies his curiosity by getting the answer to his question- it takes millions of them! There is no need to say, the sound is something extraordinary and very attractive. The man managed to catch the moment in one of the Mexican forests and now people can’t actually get enough of it. The saddest part of this is that those beautiful creatures are among endangered species and the monarch butterflies’ number has dramatically decreased by more than 25 percent mainly because of the climate change.

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