Every morning this communicative cat comes to Liverpool railway station

A big cat named Paul daily comes to the railway station for already more than ten years. He dwells in a private house beside the station and, instead of wandering around the other neighboring houses, Paul prefers to visit the railway station. It is believed something draws him there. The cat began to go there since being a tiny kitten. He is fond of sitting on a bench trying not to approach to the dangerous rails. The workers of the railway station assure the cat doesn’t cause troubles for them and that they don’t really mind his continual visits.

Paul quickly became a local celebrity and popular with almost all residents. Many believe the cat meets and sees the passengers off. He is adored by everyone, especially by the employees.

The workers confess they all are fond of Paul. They assure he is very kind-hearted, friendly and truly is an attention lover. Many passengers stop by to pet or scratch him.

When Paul gets tired of attention and needs privacy, he roams around the station and dozes in sparsely populated places.

Paul has a facebook account with over 3000 followers as well. There, the employees post his most fascinating and touching photographs motivating some followers to come and see the cat.

Apart from all this tenderness and true love, Paul is lucky enough to get tones of toys from the passengers.

In winter, when Paul visits the station, he doesn’t roam around. Instead, he habitually sits near the checkout where the heater is located. Whereas in summer, he prefers to lie on the employees’ parked cars and warm up in the sun.

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