What does a cat feel, when it is given to other people forever?

It so happens, that people take cats into the house, that previously lived with other owners. It is interesting to know how the animal feels in a new home and how long it will take to get used to the changed environment and strangers.  

When a cat enters an unknown place, it immediately experiences extreme stress. It may take several days. The kitten hides under the sofa, doesn’t contact anyone, doesn’t even go out to eat. After a while, the fluffy little by little begins to get used to the new environment and crawls out of hiding. And hunger makes you leave the shelter. The cat begins to explore a mew home, exploring all the nooks and crannies.  

And how quickly does the longing for the former owner pass from the kitten? Studies have shown cats forget their old owners pretty quickly. After just 2 months, pussies stop remembering them. And what is most interesting, the animal is not attached to a new person, but to the dwelling in which it lives. In this, cars are very different from dogs, which never forget their old owners.  

Of course, kitten will be nice to the new owners who take care of them. But such love from them, as from dogs, you obviously will not wait.  

Cats quickly adapt to unfamiliar places, and the impression will be created, that they have lived with these owners all their lives. And even if you have to take the animal to another place for a while, it will be another stress for her. But then the cat will happily return home, where everything is familiar to her. The owners are not so important to the pet, for it is familiar territory is of great importance, in which every corner has been explored and the usual smells are present everywhere. 

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