The cat was sitting at a closed door and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to go home…

In one of the Kursk groups, someone wrote about the unfortunate cat, abandoned at the entrance by its owners. The frightened little cat lived on the dirty steps in front of the door of the former apartment for more than a month and didn’t go anywhere, because no one needed him.  

Some kind-hearted residents of this house fed the darling, but there were also such residents, who hated the animal and tried to take it out into the street. 

 Due to the post on the Internet a volunteer girl knew about the kitten. She took his son with her, as it was written, that the cat wasn’t willing to make contact with people and wasn’t given into the hands.  

Although this turned out to be untrue. When the girl arrived and entered the entrance, she immediately saw the poor animal. She slowly approached him, and the cat wasn’t even going to run away. He easily let him pull himself together and immediately purred.  

The woman stroked the fluffy and realized, that almanac all of his fur was matted into huge tangles. She immediately took the foundling to the groomer. He had to cut off the entire fur coat on his body. The cat turned out to be very thin and numerous cuts were visible in various places on his skin.  

Then the cat was taken to the vet. The Fuzzy turned out to be quite healthy, except that he was emaciated from malnutrition. The puppy was a young three-year-old cat, his weight was only 2.5 kg. 

 The Fuzzy named Grey was quickly identified for overexposure. There he found a common language with all the shaggy inhabitants.  

Grey is a very affectionate pet, loves to be stroked and can sit on his hands for hours.  

Grey has already noticeably recovered, they managed to vaccinate him and will soon be castrated. The cat was freed from parasites and worms. Now it remains for such an affectionate and kind purr to find good owners who will never betray him.  

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