The devoted puppy put her life in danger to save her little human, when she was attacked by a coyote  
The brave dog didn’t leave her owner in danger! Dogs are devoted animals and they are ready to put their lives in danger to save their owners. They
Due to his rare disease, the cat does not grow up and looks so tiny, but he has a great personality  
With a small body but a big heart!  Meet Munchie, a seven months old catty, who is 1.6-kilogram and seems to be a little kitten. He has a
The puppy and a kitty became best friends from their first meeting and both adored pumpkin patch
Sweet friends, who adored being photographed  They weren’t the same people they were when they first met. According to their owner named Maria Cello is a very understanding
A sweet romance developed between two neighbouring puppies
Adorable love between two puppies loving next door  No one wanted to fell in love with the boy next door, but when a golden retriever named Lily and
The dog waited four days for his owner to return on the bridge from where his man fell into the water  
The heartbroken dog couldn’t understand why…  Maybe it is the saddest story you have ever heard. It took place in China and broke many people’s hearts. Some people
An adopted kitty considers himself a dog and defends his brothers when other dogs irritate them
Adorable relationships between a kitty and two dogs  A man took a little kitty after rescuing him a few years ago. The man took the kitty home considering,
Adopters waited a day at the shelter to adopt a dog who was a desirable pet for many people
The dog with a unique look was the couple’s wedding gift! Meet this pretty dog with a cute appearance that attracts hundreds of people from all over the
The child’s heroic action became famous on social networks, and kind people helped him achieve his goal
At the age of nine this boy became a true hero! Our world is full of people who don’t pay attention to stray animals leaving them helpless and
A caring dog, who takes on the role of a protector of her pregnant owner
The continual observation of a dog, who considered to be with her owner seven days a week The man has had the dog since he was a puppy
A touching reaction of a dog after finding his lost family once again
Adorable reunion, which became real thanks to the shelter staff One day one of the workers of the shelter discovered the dog chained to a fence. And the
Despite being shy at first, the rescued kitten turned out to be so loving and affectionate
Such an adorable personality! When the rescue team learned about the helpless and defenseless cat family behind a store, they rushed to help them. They found a mother
A kind animal rights advocate managed to find loving owners for the shelter puppy
An adorable married couple, who filled the dog’s life with happiness  An animal rights advocate named Valeria often visits animal shelters to meet sick animals, treat them and
Seeing the condition of the dogs at the worst shelter, the kind-hearted woman made an exciting decision
It’s the kindest thing she could do! Daniela Hopper is a kind and caring woman, who has a deep love towards stray animals. She used to visit different
A street puppy, who was welcomed by kind founders of the shelter
Adorable sign of gratitude showed by a street puppy This is a sweet poodle named Leyla, who will make everyone’s heart melt. She lived on the streets as
Animal friendship doesn’t care about appearance or species
A caring kitty found a way how to make the puppy sleep better  Surprisingly information about animals is so popular on the Internet. It does miracles and is
It all started when the mother put her baby’s hat on their dog’s head. Now these two are so popular!
Such a funny photo series! Ella is a two years old girl, who shares a strong friendship with her canine friend Charles, the family lovely dog. They adore
Gary is an internet star for his amazing goat-like beard. He seems like a serious guy!
His beard is really awesome! Gary is an adorable cat, who is quite famous on social media due to his stunning beard that makes him look intelligent. He
An adorable dog, who became a real monk and lived happily among brothers
Amazing story, that will motivate other monasteries take a puppy Dogs are amazing animals, that can complete such tasks, which are almost impossible for our four legged friends.
The brave canine saved the helpless cat’s life and gave him a chance to live happily ever after
The helpful dog did what a real hero could do! Meet Millie, a kind and caring dog, who became a saviour for a little catty, who was entangled
The funny puppy got bored on the plane and decided to entertain the passengers
What a crazy puppy! Meet Higgy, a cute and funny puppy, who loves to entertain people around him. No matter where he is – at home, in outside
The friendship of a woman and a giant wolf has collected 10,000,000 views on social networks
What a great love towards a wolf! We know that wolves are extremely stunning animals and they can attract each of us with their beauty. But having a
A kind woman adopted three kitties considering they are indoor kitties
Sweet kitties became the woman’s beloved pets Once a woman discovered a puppy, that needed assistance. She was with the dog when a kitty came up to her
The whole village stood by a couple, who needed a lot of money for their dog’s surgery
What kind and generous people! Once when a couple named Siouxie and Richard Nelson was informed that the life of their beloved dog Alice was in danger because
The little catty, who was adopted by the caring couple, had a big surprise for them on the very first day
What an unexpected surprise! When a kind couple went to a shelter to adopt a cat, the staff offered them three cute kittens that had just arrived. Their
A caring buyer assisted the owner of the car to pay for the cat’s medical expenses
A kind decision of a buyer, who raised the car’s price A man has a kitty named Gon. She needs therapy for her ailment. And the kitty’s owner
A curious kitty, who adores getting into small areas became a real star
An amusing note put in the refrigerator about the kitty A new Internet star has recently appeared. A ginger kitten named Piggy was discovered by the petrol station
No one believed that a dog who spent 10 years in a shelter would find a forever home, but he got a surprise
He had waited 10 years for that moment Meet Ford, a friendly dog, who spent 10 years at a shelter, because no one wanted to adopt him. It
The rescued dog warms his owner’s heart with his sweet smile. He looks happy and satisfied!
What a heartwarming smile! Dogs are loving and affectionate creatures and they remain human’s favourite ones. Pit bulls are among them and they can be excellent pets and
A stray kitten was transformed thanks to a kind man, who saved his life
A cutie, who looked for caring owners by himself  This sweet kitty is named Minnie. He was a homeless kitten, who lived on the Cairo’s streets and had
A very curious kitten, who became used to people and other pets
A miracle happened with a kitty in Christmas The small kitten stopped in the girl’s backyard to feed he was wandering the streets. The cat had no idea,