The devoted puppy put her life in danger to save her little human, when she was attacked by a coyote  

The brave dog didn’t leave her owner in danger!

Dogs are devoted animals and they are ready to put their lives in danger to save their owners. They never leave their humans and support them in any situation.

Macy, a cute Yorkie, proved this once more by her heroic action. The brave puppy saved her little human’s life, when a big coyote attacked her.

Macy is a loving pet for her family and loves all of them, but Lily, the daughter, is more than just a friend for her. They are strongly connected to each other and feel safe and comfortable together.

Some time ago Macy showed her big love towards the girl, when she saved her from a coyote attack.

When it began to run towards them, the scared girl left her dog and started to run as fast as she could. Instead of following her owner, the brave animal ran towards the coyote and a strong fight took place between them.

Although the poor puppy got many serious injured, she won the coyote and saved her sister’s life.

The owners were so touched by their pet’s heroic action and immediately took him to a vet because he was strongly injured.

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