«They say I don’t age beautifully and look like a man!» Julia Roberts responds to the criticism for her appearance

She bursts into tears as she reads comments under her recent photo with her niece! 🤬😨It was back in 1️⃣9️⃣9️⃣0️⃣ that «Pretty Woman» hit our screens and everyone had a crush on Vivian! 🤩🎬The beauty there has already celebrated her 5️⃣6️⃣th birthday, can you believe?🫣 For her recent photos – see the article!👇

The world knows her for her iconic roles in «Pretty Woman», «Ticket to Paradise», «Eat, Pray, Love» and other great movies which catapulted her to worldwide popularity and recognition. Among the accolades she has deservedly received are Academy and Golden Globe awards.

No one will deny that her most remarkable role for which she earned universal acclaim and incredible career heights is Vivian  on «Pretty Woman» that she starred alongside R. Gere and captivated large audiences which her charisma and unique looks.

Decades have passed since the release of the great movie and the outstanding actress looks far not the same. Unlike many of her co-stars and colleagues, Roberts chose to age naturally without turning to cosmetic surgeons and beauticians for beauty enhancement procedures.

One of her most recent photos which literally made a splash among network users is still surfacing the network. The celebrated actress showed up in a white shit, messy bun and glasses which made her look even older her age. A number of negative comments hit her right away.

She admitted that people kept saying that she was ageing not in a beautiful way and looked more like a man. Roberts expressed her honest thoughts wondering why stupid people had a chance to leave comments and she should endure that silently.

Our favorite Pretty Woman recalls that there was a time when people kept their opinions to themselves encouraging everyone to embrace their natural beauty and not listen to the others.

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