«What a lucky man!» What Blake Lively looks like after 4 childbirths leaves everyone speechless

She showed herself in a bikini and now everyone calls her husband a «lucky man»! 😏🤌It should be illegal to look so hot after 4️⃣ childbirths and being 3️⃣6️⃣ years old! 🤭❤️‍🔥 Reynolds gets candid and shares honest thoughts about Lively as his wife! 🧐🤫 For more – see the article! 👇

One of the most exemplary and praiseworthy couples of show business is B. Lively and R. Reynolds. They first crossed paths on the set of «Green Lantern» and began dating a year later. These two tied the knot on September 9, 2012. The spouses have welcomed four daughters and the fourth one has come into this world just recently.

Lately, the iconic actress has posed in a white short-sleeved top and slim bottoms capturing the post, «summer lovin’.. had me a blast».

It was on September 9 that they marked their tenth anniversary of marriage and, even after so many years, still remain inseparable.

The man misses no chance to show his whole gratitude to his wife for her unwavering support and dedication. He has not once mentioned that he couldn’t even imagine being a father of a son feeling blessed to have his 4 girls.

«It needs to be said again… You are the center of every experience this family has. I’m appreciative of the love and light you smuggle into every second of our lives. I recognize you in our kids’ eyes».

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