«No bra, in ripped stockings!» Katy Perry went topless under her fur coat at the Balenciaga fashion show

She put on a fur coat on her naked body and caused a furor among the fans! 🤤❤️‍🔥 Perry showed up in only ripped stockings and fur coat and dropped everyone’s jaws! 😲🫢«At least not entirely naked», «Let me unsee this!» and similar comments hit the star! 💬 You had better hold your breath before you see her in this article! 👇

Every one of you knows who this woman is. She is a renowned American singer, songwriter and TV personality being among the most celebrated figures in the entertainment industry. Perry is one of those show business stars who is always in the spotlight and never gets rest from «paparazzi».

Just recently, she has become one of the most prestigious stars invited to the Vogue World Party. The attire she chose for the event caught everyone’s special attention. However surprising it might seem, she gave her preference to ripped stockings, a black fur coat and, believe it or not, went literally topless.

To say that her outrageous fashion choice made a massive splash on social media is nothing to say. It soon became the subject of criticism and negativity that the performer faced shortly after her outing.

«At least not entirely naked!», «The world has turned upside down», «No shame, no modesty!».

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