«Don’t show this to his wife!» Scandalous photos of Jean-Claude Van Damme surface the network

Breaking! 💥 He gets spotted with his lover while still being legally married! 🤫🧐 Paparazzi filmed the martial artist with his Ukrainian mistress and caused a furor among his wife’s fans! 😤A girl named Alena stole the actor’s heart whose photos you can see in this article! 👇

There is hardly anyone who will question his identity. Today’s article about the world-renowned professional martial artist who is also well-known for his roles in «Cybord», «Kickboxer», «Lionheart», etc.

His heated love life deserves our attention too. While still being married to professional bodybuilder G. Portugues, he seems to live a double life and is frequently spotted with his young Ukrainian lover.

The girl who was lucky enough to steal the heart of the Belgian legend previously could never even imagine flying on private jets and staying in the best hotels in France. As her friends and relatives admit, she is financially supported by the married actor.

«No wonder he goes crazy about her!», «What about his wife? Is she aware of her husband’s infidelity?», «Poor Gladys! She deserved a better husband», «This is what a lucky woman looks like!».


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