«Pregnant bump reveal!» Iskra Lawrence’s appearance at the Runway became the subject of heated discussions

Better sit tight before you see her pregnant at the runway! 🫣😲The model shows off her bump in bikini and drops everyone’s jaw! 🤯💥 She responds to the negative comments and claps back at haters! 😤🤬 See how the star reacted in this article! 👇

While being «attacked» by trolling comments from haters and being expected to hide from the paparazzi, Iskra Lawrence sends a powerful message and graces the runway in a swimsuit from her collection with Cupshe. To say that it was an unexpected turn for everyone is nothing to say.

The plus-sized model appeared bold enough to proudly showcase her pregnant belly. This resulted in mixed reactions and didn’t go unnoticed by anyone.

Prior to this, Iskra admitted that she couldn’t understand how cruel people could be to attack a woman for her imperfect body who is 6 months into her pregnancy.

«I’m still shocked that, with everything happening in the world, insulting a pregnant woman seemed like a productive use of time».

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