«How dare she?» Christina Aguilera is heating up social media with her provocative photo shoot

With no shirt and bra, she shows EVERYTHING barely covering her chest with hair! 🤤❤️‍🔥 The star took part in a new photoshoot and left no room for imagination! 🤭🔥Even the loyal fans closed their eyes out of embarrassment! 🫣Married men, you are not allowed to look at the spicy photos in this article! 👇

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know this multiple Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter whose powerful voice and hit songs have shaped her as one of the most renowned and successful stars of the entertainment industry. People also refer her as the «Voice of our Generation».

Despite being already 40, she still «stays true» to her daring style which often acknowledges no limits. Her fashion choices are often bold and outrageous which leave little room for imagination. This time, it wasn’t an exception.

Her social media update left everyone stunned. The iconic performer showed up with no shirt or bra. She barely covered her chest with her gorgeous blonde hair and showed more than allowed. What concerns the lower part, Christina chose blue jeans.

The piquant photos instantly went viral and caused a furor among the fans. Christina received harsh criticism for too much intimacy and being too bold.

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