«Maverick and Charlie then and now!» This is how years have changed Cruise and McGillis

It was back in 1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣6️⃣ that «Top Gun» was released and millions followed the lives of the heroes!🤩 Over 4️⃣ decades have passed and our favorite characters are not the same! 🧐🤨 While Cruise has aged beautifully, the same thing can’t be said about McGillis! 😬🫤 Had better sit down before you see them change through the years in this article! 👇

In the 1980s «Top Gun» was watched in each and every part of the Globe and starred two Hollywood legends. These two portrayed Maverick and Charlie being among the most favorite movie characters of the time.

Over 4 decades have passed since its release and we are here to show you how the notable actors have changed. Charlie, the love interest of T. Cruise, dazzled the viewers with her exceptional beauty and charisma which let no man remain indifferent.

Nevertheless, ageing is for everyone, even for legends. Today, she is already 66 and the actor has celebrated his 61st birthday. These two have changed a great deal, but while people speak of Tom as still a handsome and attractive man, the same thing can hardly be said about his co-star.

«What were you expecting from a 66-year-old woman to look like? Ageing is natural», «Envy silently! They both look much younger their age».

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