«You’re not pretty. You inherited your dad’s ugly mouth!» Jennifer Aniston opens up about her traumatic childhood and therapy

Rachel on «Friends» breaks the silence and tells why she hates her own mother! 😨😤«Your eyes are too close-set. Have you seen your ridiculously large face?» – this is what she constantly heard from her parent! 😬💬Aniston candidly talks about her insecurities and therapy in this article! 👇

Most of us know this American actress for her iconic role in «Friends» as Rachel. The comedy series was a hit of the era and brought her incredible career heights and accomplishments as well as Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild awards.

She is also well-known for her appearance in «The Morning Show», «We’re the Millers»,  «The Breakup» and other films and movies. Apart from her successful career, little is known about her childhood. The star has admitted that all her complexes and insecurities had one main source.

It was her mother Nancy who missed no chance to judge her for her imperfections constantly remarking that she had a big nose, an ugly mouth which she inherited from her father and too close-set eyes. All this failed not to have an impact on her mental health and she even received therapy.

As the Hollywood actress mentions, she believes her mother didn’t do that on purpose. Aniston supposes that she was trying to be a good mom, but didn’t fully realize the seriousness of her words and what an impact they would have on her future self.

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