«I weigh 90 kg but I can get any man I want!» New scandalous photos of Ashley Graham are making headlines

The fans couldn’t help admiring her bikini body UNTIL she turned back! 😱😬 Think twice before calling celebrities «perfect»! 😉 The plus-sized model forgot about her weight and wore a tiny swimsuit! 🤤❤️‍🔥 She had better not! 🙄 See the difference between social media and reality in this article! 👇

Probably all of you are familiar with her name. She is a popular American plus-sized model and successful TV presenter. She is also a body activist and best-selling author who began her career in fashion back in 2000 at the age of 17.

Graham is one of the most influential figures of body positivity who encourages people around the Globe to accept their bodies and develop self-love. Despite people’s criticism and judgement, she is there to flaunt her body and show that nothing perfect exists.

Lately, she has shown up in a bikini while on a vacation and left no one indifferent. The star gave her preference to a two-piece bikini which emphasized her curvs and left little room for imagination. To say that all the eyes were on her is nothing to say.

However, her cellulite, fat folds and orange-peel skin came as a big disappointment for her loyal fans who advised her to watch her self-care routine and hygiene. Her outing resulted in different opinions and went viral the network.

«Men love meat, not bones!», «Confidence is the key!», «This is how celebrities fool their fans..», «Enough Internet for today», «Let me unsee this».

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