Vivien on «Pretty Woman» is not the same! The new photos of Julia Roberts are making headlines

In 1️⃣9️⃣9️⃣0️⃣ «Pretty Woman» was released starred by Roberts and Gere! 🎬🤩 The Hollywood actress brilliantly played Vivien on whom all the viewers had a crush! 🫠💘3️⃣ decades have passed since then and she doesn’t appear the same! 🥱🙄 Paparazzi caught her with a big belly, cellulite and swollen veins, so be prepared to see the photos in this article! 👇

3 decades have already passed since the release of «Pretty Woman» where the Hollywood actress took the role of Vivien. This was Roberts’s one of the most remarkable roles which brought her career in acting into a new level.

However, age has already taken its toll on the American actress and we are here to show you how much she has changed since then. Today, she is already 55 and looks far not the same. The iconic actress has been captured twice recently.

Once seeing the photos network users couldn’t remain silent and not to leave a comment on her drastically altered body. She has significantly gained weight, lost her elasticity and no more looked like the same beauty she used to be.

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