«Grant can’t even stand next to her!» Keanu Reeves showed his mother and blew up the network

He brought his mother to public and everyone is saying the same thing! 🫢🤯 The fans compared Patricia to his girlfriend and started to call her an «ugly duckling» next to the actor’s mother! 😬🤬 Try not to fall in love when you see his parent in this article! 👇

Once «The Matrix» actor brought his mother to the Oscars, it came as a big surprise for absolutely everyone there. All eyes were on no one but the 77-year-old woman who, as the actor’s fans claimed, could easily outdo even his girlfriend.

People started to actively compare her to Reeves’s partner whom the fans still can’t accept as the actor’s biggest love constantly calling her an «ugly duckling». Some even remarked that Alexandra even looked older and had better take notes from Patricia’s self-care routine and beauty secrets.

«How is it even possible that his 77-year-old mother looks even younger than his girlfriend?», «Her beauty was undervalued», «No wonder men dreamt of her back then», «What did he find in this grey mouse?».

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