«From a beauty into a walking skeleton!» This is how Joan Van Ark has changed through years

You might remember her from movies like «Dallas» and «Knots Landing» after which everyone had a crush on her! 💘🤭 People called her one of the most desirable actresses back then, but time had other plans! 😨🤯 The fans were horrified to see the once beauty in this article! 👇

Here is everything one should know about Joan Van Ark. She was born in 1943 and was only 7 when her family relocated to Boulder, Colorado which became a life-changing experience for her.

Her father was engaged in public relations and her mother was a writer. She was still a high school student when she started to grow passionate about acting.

«I got the flower girl and the insect bite, but not the role I tried out for. I auditioned with a monologue, and you could have heard a pin drop. They gave me such great compliments that I exclaimed «Who needs guys?».

She became the second woman to enroll in the Yale Drama School to study acting and drama. Among her most remarkable roles are in «Dallas» and «Knots Landing» which surely entered the history of cinematography.

She found her biggest love still in high school. It was John Marshall whom she wed on a German military base. In 1969 they welcomed a daughter who followed in the career footsteps of her mother.

Today, the outstanding actress is utterly unrecognizable and has forever lost her former charm and elegance, as the disappointed fans remark.

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