«Ageing is for heartthrobs too!» The latest outing of 93-year-old Clint Eastwood sparked reaction

Even the loyal fans mistook Eastwood for a beggar in his recent photos! 😬😱 Once the most desirable actor who won the hearts of millions now looks unrecognizable with a grey beard, trembling hands and half-baldness! 😵‍💫🤮 Hold your breath before you see the article! 👇

The recent appearance of the prominent and towering actor at the Wildlife Conversation Network’s Reasons for Hope event resulted in mixed reactions. The cinema legend, best-remembered for his roles in «Cry Macho», «American Sniper» and «Sullty», looked unrecognizable.

He was dressed in an old-fashioned shirt, an outdated gray jacket and pants. His outfit choice left a lot to be desired. Even the actor’s supporters and admirers found it hard to believe that this was their most favorite actor.

Despite the fact he is rarely seen at public gatherings, his great contribution and complete dedication to work can barely be overestimated. Several months ago he was spotted on the thriller’s set in Georgia together with N. Hoult, T. Collette, Ch. Massina, and other stars.

«Time is merciless!», «Enough Internet for today!», «Bring back our favorite macho!», «My hearts cracks every time I see him like this..».

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