«With a short blonde haircut with curls!» The new image of Kylie Jenner resulted in mixed reactions

She shows her new image and gives Marilyn Monroe vibes! 🧐😍 The fans didn’t recognize the star with short blonde hair! 🤨🫢She said «Goodbye!» to her long brunette hair and caused a furor! 😱😤We bet none of you has seen her like this! 😉 You had better sit down before you see the article! 👇

Besides being a successful businesswoman and one of the most influential social media stars, Kylie Jenner is the idol for millions around the Globe who frequently does experiences with her image and leaves no one indifferent. These days, she has heated up Instagram with her entirely new image.

Surprisingly enough, Jenner appeared with a blonde bob haircut and resembled beauty icon Marilyn Monroe. It should be mentioned that it was far not her first experiment and her hair was blonde before as well. Much attention was paid to her makeup too.

The star applied a stylish brown lipstick, a red blush and impressive arrows. It is worth mentioning that the rumors about her relationship with Timothee Chalamet have been surfacing the network. They have been spotted together in public multiple times confirming the theories about their romance.

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