«She ate and left no crumbs!» This is how Nicole Kidman reacts to the criticism for her outfit choice

She showed more than allowed and left no room for imagination! 🤤❤️‍🔥 The Hollywood actress forgot about her age and wore a dress with a high thigh slit and an open back! 🤭🔥 Now, we can see why even Cruise was crazy about her! 😏🤌 Hold your breath before you see the article! 👇

Nicole Kidman is among the most popular, successful and desirable actresses who built a drizzling career in Hollywood with her iconic roles in films like «Paddington», «Big Little Lies», «Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom», etc.

Her latest appearance at the New York premiere of her min-TV series «Expats» left a strong impression on everyone. Her choice fell on a revealing gown with a high thigh slit and an open back. Kidman complemented her gorgeous look with diamond jewelry and looked her best.

However, it should be mentioned that we deal with a woman who brilliantly knows how to respond to the negativity and trolling comments. She perfectly handles criticism and doesn’t let others dictate her what to do. The actress remains unfazed and chooses to ignore the haters and stay true to herself.

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