«Beauty is different!» The incredible journey of Slick Woods from homelessness to modeling

Everyone laughed at her as a child for her teeth gap and unusual features, so she grew up and became a model!😲👏 One encounter at a bus stop changed her whole life!💥 Here is Slick Woods whose shaved head and teeth gap make her one of the most unique figures!🤩🤌 Check out her photos in this article!👇

It stands to reason that fashion constantly undergoes changes. There are millions of people all over the Globe engaged in modeling and now fashion agencies seek those with the most distinctive features and who would start a new era in the industry. Today’s article is about one of them, Slick Woods.

Her shaved head and a big gap between the teeth have become her hallmarks setting her apart among all the others. One may say that she breaks all the beauty standards and stereotypes defining her own. As a child, she had to silently endure all the evil glances and harsh criticism.

Woods’s life has been fraught with challenges and obstacles which actually shaped her as an individual. She found herself homeless after leaving her grandmother’s care voluntarily. Soon, the girl found herself engaged in criminal activities.

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