«And the Best Dad award goes to..» David Beckham shares new photos with his daughter and everyone is saying the same thing

If you still don’t believe that a perfect father exists, then look at this and say nothing! 😉🤌It was in 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ that the spouses welcomed their daughter! 😮😍 Since then, the whole world is talking about their special father-daughter bond! 🤗❤️‍🩹Check out their recent joint photos in this article! 👇

As a quick reminder, Harper was born in 2011 to the family of David and Victoria Beckham. Her arrival brought light and happiness to their lives. The spouses see nothing and nobody more important than their children. Recently, the famed football player has shared heartwarming photos with his heiress and stormed the network.

They were filmed during a soccer match in Miami. The world-renowned sportsman and the co-owner of the club hoped that his daughter’s presence would bring luck. Beckham was wearing a navy blue suit complemented with a matching T-shirt, while the 13-year-old girl’s choice fell on a pink T-shirt.

The father was warmly embracing the girl while they were watching the match together. While most of their fans couldn’t help admiring their special bond, the others were of a different opinion claiming that David was showing an inappropriate attitude.

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