«No red lips, curls and arrows!» Let’s shed light on Marilyn Monroe’s photos from her personal archive

The world knows Monroe for her red lips and blonde curls, but only few have seen her «real image»!🚫 For years, the actress’s archival photos were hidden from the public, but now it’s possible to have a look! 🧐😮 We bet none of you has seen the rare shots in this article! 👇

There is no doubt that hardly anyone will question her identity. Her name is M. Monroe and she is the epitome of female beauty of all time. The American actress was remarkable for her iconic roles in «Some Like It Hot», «The Misfits» and «Gentlemen Prefer Blondes».

Not only her incredible talent, professional skills and charisma, but also incomparable femininity and ethereal charm have made her one of the most in-demand and desirable actresses of the generation. One may say that her gorgeous blonde curls and red lips became her hallmarks without which people could hardly even recognize her.

Now, let’s have a look at her rare stock photos which had been hidden from public and as they gained access, they immediately went viral and caused a furor among her fans. Monroe appeared with no hint of makeup and with wet hair. To say that she looked nothing like her «iconic image» is nothing to say.

While some were strongly disappointed, the others still saw her as an incredible beauty who has left a forever mark on cinema and will never be forgotten.

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