«Age is just a number for her!» Jane Fonda makes appearance at the Film Festival and everyone is saying the same thing

None of you has seen a more beautiful 8️⃣6️⃣-year-old woman like Jane Fonda, until we look a little bit closer! 🧐🫢 The fans noticed one detail which left everyone speechless! 🤐🤯 Her appearance at the Cannes Film Festival raised everyone’s eyebrows! 🤨 See more in this article! 👇

The moment J. Fonda appeared at the Cannes Film Festival, she stole the spotlight right away and became the queen of the event. The star radiates sophistication and unparalleled charisma. Her choice fell on a black ensemble complemented with luxurious tasteful jewelry.

Fonda proudly showcased her silver gray hair and red lips. She wore full evening makeup and looked incomparably younger. People started to unanimously claim that she aged like wine until everything has changed when people noticed one detail which betrayed her real age.

The whole thing is that on contrary to her flawlessly beautiful fame and tasteful outfit, her hands were wrinkled and betrayed the fact that we are actually dealing with a 86-year-old woman. Whenever asked how she maintains her ageless beauty, she places a great importance on getting enough sleep, laughing a lot and avoiding sun exposure.

However, no one will deny that Fonda looks simply fabulous for her age and continues radiating femininity and allure.

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