«Pitt, look what you lost!» Angelina Jolie makes appearance with August Deal and confirms the rumors

While the world is talking about Pitt and Ines, Jolie didn’t waste time too and found new love! 😉💘 The Hollywood actress came out with a man who will seem familiar to you! 🤨🧐 Who stole the heart of the most beautiful woman and are the rumors true? 🤔 To discover everything – see the article! 👇

Years have already passed since the divorce of the most iconic Hollywood couple, but people don’t seem to have got it over still hoping to see them reunited. As a reminder, the ex-spouses share six children and continue co-parenting.

While the actor has found love with a jeweler named Ines and has big plans with her, Jolie is reported to still live a life of a single woman. However, her recent appearance with August Deal raised questions. Rumors have it that chemistry happened between the two film stars on the set of «Salt».

He is 12 years younger than Pitt and looks no less handsome and attractive than the «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» actor. The opinions about their union vary greatly.

«The best news for today!», «The greatest couple of all time», «She deserves happiness and love», «He can’t even stand next to Pitt».

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