«Shirley Jones hits her 90!» This is how the American actress and singer looks and lives now

You might recall her from «The Partridge Family» and «The Music Man» who even won an Academy Award! ⭐🤩 She has already turned 9️⃣0️⃣, can you believe? 😳🫢 Her sons congratulate her on her birthday and melt everyone’s heart! 🫠💘 See their heartful message in this article! 👇

Recently, Shirley Jones has celebrated her 90th birthday accompanied by her precious family including her three heirs: Shaun, Ryan and Patrick. Shaun has warmly spoken of her calling his mother «Miss Pittburgh» wishing her a happy birthday.

«Thank you for providing stability in an unpredictable world and for being an inspiration to so many through your talent and generosity. I adore you».

For those who don’t know, his stepson David Cassidy passed away in 2017 at the age of 67 after a long battle with dementia. This, of course, left a deep mark on their family.

The family has shared some heartwarming throwback photos of their mother and blew up the network. Shirley is remarkable for her roles in «Oklahoma» and «Elmer Gantry» which brought her an Academy Award.

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