«About addiction as a schoolgirl and feminism!» Heather Thomas reveals jaw-dropping facts about her life

Do you remember Lee Majors from «The Fall Guy» who made waves with her blonde hair and attractiveness? 🤫❤️‍🔥 People called Heather Thomas one of the sultriest females of the time! 🤤🙌 But you had better sit down before you see her already 6️⃣6️⃣ years old in this article! 👇

It was her role in «The Fall Guy» that became the breakthrough one for H. Thomas. It is noteworthy that the star’s path to success and stardom was marked by obstacles and challenges. She was 28 when his career as an actress blossomed.

She started by hosting NBC’s «Talking with a Giant» at 14 where she and other teenagers interviewed celebrities. Thomas studied film and theater at UCLA which led her to take a role in the comedy series «Co-Ed Fever».

It was in 1980 that she played her first leading role in «The Fall Guy». Something she had long kept silent about was her drug use which she started still as a student for higher grades. The star also had to deal with overweight and all this caused severe lethargy.

«I’d been on a roller coaster and I wanted to get off. If my family hadn’t intervened, I probably would have gone on my merry way until I lost my job or I passed away».

She married A. Rosenthal and was seriously injured by a car accident. Soon the star recovered and returned to acting with minor roles in «Cyclone» and «Red Blooded American Girl».

«When I was young, I did what people told me to do but when I was older, I didn’t compromise myself. I wanted power and freedom. This gave me a house and the notoriety to get into the door».

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