«What did she find in him?» Bellucci and Burton get spotted together during a romantic date

They first met 1️⃣6️⃣ years ago, but it has been just recently that they found love with each other! 💌🫠While they are happy together, people keep advising the actress to find a better-looking man! 😬🥱«She deserved better!», «No taste in men»!💬 For their new joint photos – see the article! 👇

Apart from her wonderful career and incredible accomplishments in the Italian film industry, the personal life of M. Bellucci has never ceased to be the center of public attention. As is known, her husband was Vincent Cassel with whom she welcomed two daughters.

Years after their scandalous split, the actor found love with T. Kunakey whom he later married and with whom he welcomed a daughter. However, the cinema star and the young model have broken up. He didn’t waste time and found love with a young girl named Nara.

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