«It’s time to pray!» Terminally ill Christina Applegate gets spotted on a wheelchair and leaves everyone heartbroken

Everyone burst into tears as Applegate appeared on a wheelchair with her caregiver! 😭💔This is what Multiple Sclerosis has done to the American actress!🧐🫣 She gets candid about her diagnosis and seeks our support! How unfair life can be! 🙏Try not to shed a tear when you see the article!👇

The fans couldn’t contain their emotions once the new snapshots of this renowned and successful actress have hit the network. The 51-year-old cinema star was spotted on a wheelchair companied by her caregiver and her worsened health state left a lot to be desired.

The star who graced our screens and captivated millions back in the 1990s now appears unrecognizable. For those who are unaware, she has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis which has already taken its toll on the cinema icon. She has admitted feeling unbearable pain and discomfort not once.

Sometimes, she locks herself in a dark room and watches TV completely isolated from all the others. The disease is continuously progressing and there is no complete treatment to it. The exclusive footage broke everyone’s hearts into pieces leading the fans to pray for her.

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