«In sweaty clothes, with overgrown nails and greasy hair!» New scandalous photos of Mickey Rourke are making headlines

The fans closed their eyes out of embarrassment when they saw his latest photos!😳 Rourke was mistaken for a beggar and disappointed his admirers!😧🤐 It’s impossible to look at the once desirable actor now without shedding a tear! 😓😨Be prepared to be horrified to see the photos in this article!👇

On 16 September M. Rourke will be celebrating his 71st birthday, can you even believe? He used to be among the most desirable and successful actors in Hollywood towards whose charisma and incredible beauty no viewer could remain indifferent.

However, the once in-demand star has changed himself beyond recognition for the sake of eternal youth and beauty. He has turned to a number of plastic surgeons and spoilt himself irreversibly. Recently, paparazzi have been lucky enough to spot him looking not his best.

The former heartthrob appeared with overgrown nails, dirty hair and in unkempt clothes. His «laid-back» look left a lot to be desired and made a massive splash. Depression and personal issues have apparently taken their toll on the man.

«How can we unsee this?», «It’s impossible to look at this without a tear», «Another plastic surgery victim», «The world has turned upside down», «Find five differences between him and a local beggar!».

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