«Rotten teeth, saggy skin and an evil look!» This is how age and years have changed Claudia Cardinale

Back in the 1️⃣9️⃣7️⃣0️⃣s men were crazy in love with Cardinale calling her «the ideal of female beauty»!💘 She left a forever mark on cinema with her iconic roles in «Once Upon a Time in the West» and «The Pink Panther»! 🎬🤩It was as a result of an assault that she got pregnant with her son Patrick! 😮🧐For more jaw-dropping facts – see the article! 👇

The successful career of C. Cardinale has spanned over 6 decades. She has greatly contributed to the cinema with her iconic roles, superb acting skills and charisma which set her apart among all the others. This made her become one of the superstars of our time.

Her ethereal beauty, versatility and elegance let no single one remain indifferent. She enjoyed immense popularity not only in Italy, but also on international cinema. Producers first noticed her after she won the title of the Most Beautiful Italian Girl in Tunisia.

Her acting career wasn’t as smooth as it might seem. At some point she had to hide her pregnancy and was dealing with personal trauma. Cardinale was remarkable for her role in the 1958 «Three Strangers in Rome» which became her breakthrough one.

Among her other iconic roles are «Once Upon a Time in the West», «The Pink Panther» and «The Leopard». What concerns her personal life, her first husband became producer F. Cristaldi with whom she signed an 18-year deal. Later, she found love with director P. Squitieri with whom she welcomed a daughter.

Many years have passed and the cinema legend looks utterly unrecognizable. She has developed deep wrinkles, has saggy skin and the state of her teeth leaves a lot to be desired.

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