«Freckles, no false eyelashes!» Eva Longoria showed herself without makeup and filters and stirred up controversy

We bet none of you has seen Eva Longoria like this before! 😉💯Many remember her from «Desperate Housewives» where she played Gabrielle! 🤩🎬The beauty on whom everyone had a crush is already 4️⃣8️⃣! Have you ever wondered what she looks like without makeup?🤔 If you have, then see the article! 👇

Eva Longoria has recently made waves on social media by showing herself with no hint of makeup, filters and retouching. Her bold act received mixed reactions and came as a big surprise even for her loyal fans and admirers.

The 48-year-old star of «Desperate Housewives» appeared without cosmetics on, with no false eyelashes and any glam. While she was sharing her daily skincare, she has also spoken about her makeup routine. The Latina beauty highlighted the importance of learning to accept oneself and let others see their «naked» faces.

The candid post quickly became the subject of discussions. Some genuinely admired her cute freckles and natural beauty, while the others were strongly disappointed claiming that she looked utterly unrecognizable and had been fooling her fans all this time.

What concerns her personal life, she has a son named Santiago with her husband J. Antonio Baston. She describes him as amazing and finds herself blessed to be embracing motherhood.

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