«Find her a new stylist!» The recent outing of Selena Gomez is making headlines

The fans were horrified to see Gomez in a «granny’s» skirt and old-fashioned shoes!😳 Everyone started to advise her to change her stylist until it’s too late! 🤬🤯The outfit highlighted her thick thighs and large waist! 🤫🫣Try not to get disappointed when you see the photos in this article! 👇

The life and appearance of this star have never ceased to be the subject of heated discussions. For those who are unaware, the pop singer has long been battling with Lupus which has a number of side effects among which are her quick weight gains and losses.

Especially her announcement about her new romance has made her a more talked-about star who is always in the spotlight. If we take her latest outing, it left far not everyone satisfied. While everyone is discussing Bieber’s and Hailey’s upcoming parenthood, Gomez’s appearance deserves our attention too.

She has appeared in a sky blue cardigan, a black top, an old-fashioned skirt with a pattern and eye-catching red shoes. No one missed the chance to judge her sense of style adding that such unsuccessful fashion choices make her look older.

«Did she grab this skirt from her ganny?», «Find a new stylist, please!», «How can we unsee this?», «Getting disappointed wasn’t in my plans».

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