Penny on «Dirty Dancing»: Behind the scenes! Here is everything about Cynthia Rhodes’s part in the classic movie

Do you remember this beauty on «Dirty Dancing» on whom everyone had a crush? 🎬🤩 Cynthia Rhodes finally breaks the silence and reveals the truth behind her character! 🤫😱 She trained 1️⃣0️⃣ hours a day and almost gave up on dancing! 💔😩 For more jaw-dropping facts – see the article! 👇

Rhodes took great interest in singing and dancing. Few know that her first job was in Xanadu, a 1980 musical fantasy movie alongside late O. Newton-John and G. Kelly. 1983 was marked by her portrayal in the movie «Flashdance».

No one will deny that her breakthrough role was in «Dirty Dancing» where she brilliantly played Penny Johnson, a dance teacher at a resort hotel. Her dynamic, rhythmical skills and superb abilities brought her worldwide success and recognition.

When candidly talking about her role, she described that dancing as «really hard» adding that she had to train 10 hours a day for the Penny part and kept telling herself «My back hurts all the time and my bones hurt».

What concerns her personal life, she married a musician and soon welcomed her first child. All in all, she had three children during this marriage. Interestingly enough, Cynthia started dancing at the age of 3. Later, she found out she could be a great mom as well.

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